Welcome to my SUECON course “50 Amazing Interventions”.   This course is designed to give you some ideas to address specific challenges that many students struggle with. I also give a brief overview of the RTI Process.    I have included a link to download my presentation.  The presentation does not include links or details but I will soon complete an ebook that will have all the details and links.  Click on the SUECON link and put your email address in. As soon as the book is complete I will send instructions to download. I will only email  you when the book becomes available or if major updates are given.

50 Great Interventions PDF

50 Great Interventions PowerPoint

50 Great Interventions.key Keynote

You didn’t attend my session?  No Problem!  I will honor the free book offer to anyone who enters their email address before the book release, expected in early December.   Also I will create a video with the presentation that can be downloaded watched here soon.